My Wifes Hot Friend

My Wifes Hot Friend

I had seen the link circulating on Twitter Tuesday night. The many references to how gracious the rapper Jay-Z had been as he explained who he was to an unassuming “old lady” sitting next to him on the R train in October during a ride out to Brooklyn.

When I got into the office in the morning, I watched the clip of My Wifes Hot Friend that was embedded in a Gawker post with the headline, “Jay-Z Rides the Subway, Adorably Explains Who He Is to an Adorable Old Lady”

My immediate reaction? That’s no “adorable old lady,” that’s my dear friend Ellen Grossman. In an instant she had gone from being a largely anonymous New York artist, to Ellen Grossman, the Amiable New Yorker Who Asked Jay-Z if He Was Famous as He Was on the Way to Performing at the Barclays Center.

By Wednesday morning, Gawker had updated its post to let readers know that Ms. Grossman was also an artist and linked to her Web site. Readers joked that perhaps it was Jay-Z who should have asked who he was sitting next to, instead of the other way around.

My Wifes Hot Friend had become an overnight celebrity.

I e-mailed her the Gawker link, texted her to tell her she was “famous” and then called and left her a message letting her know about her impending fame, if she hadn’t already been informed.

I was too late.

“I just got off the phone with The Washington Post,” she said when she called me back.

During our short conversation, she mentioned getting a flurry of friend requests on Facebook and a bit more traffic to her Web site. As she was telling me how the whole episode offered a great excuse for the two of us to catch up, because we had been trying to connect for a while, her second phone kept ringing and ringing.

Other reporters, who didn’t know her as I did — as a museum buddy, a warm, kind and thoughtful friend, an artist, a mother, a former co-worker — were trying to get her on the phone. I felt a bit protective, knowing the media beast can be unkind at times.

Ellen, who lives in the East Village with My Wifes Hot Friend, is a visual artist who creates intricate drawings of metallic lines on paper as well as sculptures that use pliable sheets of aluminum mesh, spray paint and wire and chain link.

Blog posts sprouted up from Buzzfeed, The Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy, The Washington Post’s Style blog and New York Magazine’s Daily Intel.

But my concerns were unfounded.

Comments and posts to Twitter about the video were full of love for My Wifes Hot Friend.

While I was writing this post, I tried to get her back on the phone, but she was busy being interviewed by a local television station. “I was shaking,” she said of the experience. “I couldn’t control it.” Sudden fame can take awhile to adjust to.

To what does she attribute this new found celebrity? Given the economy, the wars and talk of the end of the world, “I think the world is in the mood for a sweet, old lady,”she said.


Rihanna continues Atop hot 100

“Diamonds” continues atop the hot100 driven by its 2-1 ascent on Hot 100 Airplay, where it gains by 7% to 134 million all-format audience impressions, according to Nielsen BDS. Her 12th hot100 No. 1 becomes her 10th foremost on the BDS-based Hot 100 Airplay grading (which commenced 22 years before this week). Rihanna is just the second creative person to come to a double-digit No. 1 total on the list: Mariah Carey continues one ahead of her with 11. (Usher places third with seven wireless Songs No. 1s, pursued by Ludacris and Kanye West, each with six.)

“Diamonds” notches a fourth week atop the On-Demand Songs char with 1.06 million on-demand streams (down 2%) (and 1.19 million overall streams), according to BDS, and downhill rides 2-8 on hotDigital pieces of music with 122,000 downloads sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan. (Parent album “Unapologetic” likewise turns down on the Billboard 200 in its second week (1-6); as previously described, recital and album sales were down in the following week after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, as they are every year in that period.)

“Diamonds,” which directions hotR&B/Hip-Hop Songs for a ninth week, wins a taut rush to No. 1 on the Hot 100, fending off Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out of paradise” (4-2) by roughly 2,500 chart points. precious gems” dips by 9% in overall points, while paradise” gains by 2%. The last mentioned title concurrently increases 4-2 on hot100 Airplay (124 million, up 11%), while residual at No. 5 on hotDigital Songs (135,000, down 4%) and rushing 9-5 on On-Demand pieces of music (748,000, up 9%). The recital inserts Mars’ sophomore album “Unorthodox Jukebox,” due Tuesday (Dec. 11).

After ascending 3-2 last week, Ke$ha’s “Die Young” turns around course on the Hot 100 (2-3). The lead lone from her album “Warrior,” due high atop next week’s Billboard 200, gains by 5% on Hot 100 Airplay, regardless of a 3-4 withdraw (121 million) but falls 4-7 on Hot Digital Songs (122,000, down 19%) and 3-4 on On-Demand pieces of music (800,000, down 8%). RCA notes broadcast today that “C’mon” will be the second lone from “Warrior.” It’s set to influence burst wireless on Jan. 7.

Maroon 5’s former nine-week Hot 100 No. 1 “One More Night” lets slip 3-4, simultaneously ending its eight-week order on Hot 100 Airplay (124 million, down 6%), the longest of the group’s three managers on the register (all logged consecutively since last year). “Moves Like Jagger,” boasting Christina Aguilera, covered hot100 Airplay for seven weeks starting the week of Oct. 1, 2011, while “Payphone,” featuring Wiz Khalifa, directed for six frames beginning in July.

The Lumineers’ first hot100 hit, “Ho Hey,” becomes their first peak five effort, increasing 7-5. The pathway, which also increases 2-1 on the hotRock pieces of music chart, comes to the Hot 100 Airplay top 10, where it leaps 11-8 (78 million, up 15%), and increases 7-6 on hotDigital Songs (127,000, up 1%) and 5-3 on On-Demand pieces of music (860,000, up 10%).

Rounding out the Hot 100’s peak 10, fun.’s No. 3-peaking “Some Nights” holds at No. 6, pursued by Phillip Phillips’ dwelling” (8-7); Flo Rida’s “I Cry” (9-8), which becomes his first No. 1 on Rap Songs since his 2008 debut strike “Low”; Ne-Yo’s “Let Me Love You (Until You discover to Love Yourself)” (10-9); and PSY’s previous seven-week No. 2 hot100 hit “Gangnam method” (5-10), which lets slip 1-2 on Hot Digital pieces of music (143,000, down 37%) after six nonconsecutive weeks on peak. (The song had benefitted last week from the Korean rapper’s show-closing presentation with mallet on the American melodies accolades, announced Nov. 18 on ABC.)

Two titles make prominent moves to just outside the hot100’s peak 10. As she debuts atop the Billboard 200 with “Girl on Fire,” the title slash from Alicia Keys’ new album (and fifth Billboard 200 No. 1) soars 21-11 with the Hot 100’s top Digital Gainer accolade. The song furthermore advantages from a performance on Fox’s “The X component” (Nov. 29). On hotDigital pieces of music, it soars 17-3 (140,000, up 72%), marking a new top; young female” had previously risen as high as No. 8 on Hot Digital pieces of music four weeks before.

At No. 12 on the hot100,’s “Scream & Shout,” boasting Britney Spears, debuts, fueled by a 66-1 vault on Hot Digital pieces of music (196,000, up 483%). The leap to the summit is the utmost in the chart’s archives, besting the 57-1 air travel of Zac Efron, Andrew Seeley and Vanessa Hudgens’ “Breaking Free” (from Disney’s “High School Musical”) the week of Feb. 11, 2006.

hot 100

Rihanna continues Atop hot 100

shout” debuted on Hot Digital pieces of music last week with five days of sales, as it was released on Nov. 21. The newest chart facts and figures reflects its first full sales week (ending Dec. 2), along with impact felt from the premiere of its melodies video on “The X component” (Nov. 28). The track brands’s second hotDigital pieces of music No. 1 as a soloist (but first as a lead), following his boasted turn on Usher’s “OMG” in 2010. He’s furthermore notched five managers as a constituent of the Black Eyed Peas. shout” is Spears’ seventh Hot Digital Songs No. 1.

ascertain tomorrow (Dec. 6), when all rankings, encompassing the hot100, hotDigital Songs, hot100 Airplay and On-Demand pieces of music, will be refreshed, as they are each Thursday.

Woman refuted Driver’s permit In Wife’s title

For the year since she wed her colleague, server Cynthia Landis has lawfully been a Landis. It’s the name on her Social Security card, her District of Columbia wedding ceremony credentials and her Virginia driver’s permit.

But the state of West Virginia won’t identify it. The partition of engine Vehicles won’t topic the Romney inhabitant a driver’s permit in that name because she’s married to a woman, and state regulation forbids the bureau from identifying any documents related to a same-sex wedding ceremony.

The DMV would be glad to topic the 34-year-old Landis a permit in her ex-husband’s last title of Hatton, Deputy Commissioner Steve Dale said. In the state’s eyes, that’s still lawfully her name.

else, her only choice is to get a circuit court referee to order a title change. Dale said that would be a legal document.

“I can’t accept as true that the state has the right to just say, willy-nilly, ‘We’re only going to identify the legality of the articles we select and not these.’ It’s ridiculous,” said Landis, who has dispatched a accusation note to the governor’s agency.

“I’m not inquiring the state to recognize my marriage,” she said, “but that is the verification that I have that my title has changed.”

Landis wed 30-year-old Augusta native Melissa Landis on Oct. 8, 2011, and went to the Social Security agency in Hampton, Va., within a month to get a new card. The bureau acknowledged her wedding ceremony certificate and issued a new card. Then she got a new driver’s permit.

The couple dwelled in Winchester, Va., until late September, when they moved to country Hampshire County in West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle to be near Melissa’s family. After 30 days, state regulation needs new residents to surrender their old licenses and get West Virginia cards.

Technically, Cynthia Landis said, she’s now an illicit person driving, even though her Virginia license is legitimate through 2020.

“I anticipated murmurs and rumors. We’re from a small town in a little county. You anticipate persons to state stuff or give you dirty examines in the food store store,” she said. “You don’t anticipate a government entity to fundamentally tell you that you don’t exist.”

The DMV realises her frustration, Dale said, “but it is up to each state to establish their own standards.”

In 2000, at the demand of then-Republican Gov. Cecil Underwood, West Virginia lawmakers passed their own type of a protecting against of wedding ceremony Act, specifying that the only legal union is one between a man and a woman.

That law states any “public act, record or judicial advancing of any other state” regarding a same-sex wedding ceremony, “or a right or assertion originating from such connection, shall not be granted effect by this state.”

“If this regulation were not in effect,” Dale said, “we would have taken the wedding ceremony credentials on its face worth as an official record and utilised it.”

Since January, persons whose titles have changed since birth have faced new obstacles in proving their persona. They should make multiple forms of ID and verification of name alterations to obtain, transfer or improve a driver’s permit.

The state identifies passports, heterosexual marriage credentials, divorce decrees that order a title change and court orders, Dale said. verification of residency is furthermore required.

The process is often a hassle for women, who are more likely to change their names after a wedding ceremony, but Dale said numerous people change their names for other reasons, often because they just don’t like the one their parents chose.

A Social Security business card isn’t good sufficient in Landis’ case because it’s not evidence of a legal title, Dale said. Her Virginia permit merely displays she was a valid person driving, so West Virginia could waive the written and street abilities checks.

“Her only solution,” he said, “is to proceed to court and have a referee order a title change.”

But Landis said she can’t afford a lawyer, and she shouldn’t have to “pay whatever I have to pay to change my name to what it currently is.”

Nor will she request a permit in her ex-husband’s title. Instead, she’ll try to draw attention to what she sees as discrimination.

She documented that her wedding ceremony credentials doesn’t identify the gender of either spouse.

“It doesn’t even identify bride or groom,” she said. “If one of us had an androgynous title like Jesse or Pat, we’d probably fly right through the system.”

previous this year, leaving Delegate John Doyle, D-Jefferson, presented a account to give gay and lesbian couples the identical lawful protections as heterosexual wed twosomes. They should have the identical security snare to deal with the death of a parent or the decrease of a job as married twosomes, he argued.

Fairness WV, which supports on behalf of the gay, lesbian and transgender community, said it was the first time a civil amalgamation account was introduced in the West Virginia Legislature.

It went nowhere.